Abuse report

Even though we understand the nature of our service and despite the fact that we DO NOT host files in our servers (files are sent to file hosts as they're uploaded without them being stored in our servers), we are 100% willing to make sure that everything becomes as legal as possible. If you have a link to a file mirrored by our service and you're the copyright holder to that file, please fill the following form selecting "DMCA/Abuse" in the contact reason and include the link in your message. We will review your request and if we find that the mirrored file is actually infringing your copyright, we'll remove the link in no more than 2 hours.

We reserve the right to contact you through e-mail to request some more documentation if needed to determine if you're the real owner or if you're at least representing the owner of the copyright in question.

If you already have filled a DMCA complaint, please send it to upper [ a t ] megaupper.com.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: due to abuse from people sending false or inaccurate DMCA reports, we are no longer accepting DMCA or abuse reports from free email addresses (such as Hotmail®, Yahoo! Mail® or Gmail®) If you're doing business online, you surely have a non-free email address, so please use it and we will do our best to honour every request.